How to Install Leaf Spring Hangers

You have so many ways to lower your truck that it might get confusing when you have to perform the task. One of these options is to install leaf spring hangers at the front. Keep it in mind that this option is not the easiest one and might require a bit of hard work from you. However, once properly installed into position, this method of lowering a truck is very effective. It actually lifts up the mounting position of the leaf spring mount and resultantly lowers the rear of the truck easily.


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    First of all, you have to lift up your truck with the help of a jack. Place the jack at the lifting points of your vehicle and start turning the arm. Once sufficiently raised, place a jack stand underneath the axle and the frame of the truck carefully and take out the jack. Repeat the same process on all four wheels until your vehicle is completely lifted from the ground and is rested on the stands.

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    Ensure that all the four stands are securely in position before you crawl underneath the truck. Now carefully remove the rear wheels of your vehicle and put them aside.

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    Take a ½ inch ratchet and socket for unbolting the front leaf spring from the hanger. After you have performed this process on both sides of the vehicle, you can just lift up the axle off the stands with the assistance of a jack.

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    Then lower the stands to a few points, bringing the axle onto the stands. This will allow you to have access to the spring hanger.

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    You can see the rivets securing the leaf spring hanger to the frame. You have to carve an ‘X’ shape into the head of those rivets with a 4 ½ inch grinder and a cutting wheel, making it easier for you to remove the hanger.

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    You will require an air chisel to remove the heads of all the rivets completely. Then, you will need to install the pointed attachment to the air chisel and use it to hammer out the rivet from its position. When you remove all the rivets, the hanger will automatically drop from the frame.

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    Now you have to install the leaf spring hanger kit to the frame, using the holes left out by the rivets to secure the bolts. Once the kit is installed, re-install the rear tires you took off and then lower down the truck by using the jack.

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