How to Recharge Car Air Conditioning System

After prolonged use all air conditioning units fall of their peak performance, making the car environment less comfortable, especially when driving on a sunny day. What happens is that the refrigerant in the compressor of the cooling system of the car escapes in the air, causing its pressure to fall down from the required value.

To restore the performance of the air conditioning unit back to its full level, you will have to recharge the refrigerant in the conditioning system. This process is often known as recharging the automotive air conditioning system.

Things Required:

– Automobile car manual
– Air conditioning refrigerant


  • 1

    If you just came back from a drive, give your vehicle about 30 minutes time to cool down completely. This will save you from any potential burns.

  • 2

    Identify the air conditioning service of your vehicle. If you are having trouble locating it, use your car owner’s manual to find its exact location. For most cars, the low side fitting of the air conditioning unit is located near the suction hose which runs from the accumulator to the compressor, whereas the high side fitting is located on the pipe which runs from condenser to the compressor.

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    Purchase the refrigerant online and make sure it is safe for the environment, you may have to spend some extra bucks for that. There will be a recharge pipe on the main conditioning unit. Assemble the can of coolant and connect it to the recharge hose.

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    You may have to loosen the recharge hose with a spanner or pipe wrench depending on the size of the nut covering its opening. If you are confused on the position of recharge hose in your car, you should consult the automobile user manual.

  • 5

    Rotate the valve of the recharging hose so that it is open, the best way to judge whether the valve is open or not is to press the can connected to the hose. When the valve is opened, the can and the connecting pipe will become taut.

  • 6

    Fire the ignition and turn the air conditioning to super cool and the fan speed to maximum. Now the coolant will be transferred from the can to the compressor of the AC unit with the passage of time.

    To double check, you can enter the vehicle to check whether there is an improved performance or not. Keep the AC on till the contents of the refrigerant finish out completely.

    Close the valve and remove the can from the recharging hose.

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