How to Import Automobiles to Pakistan from Japan

Owning a car in today’s era is considered an important aspect of life and every individual has great desires and passion to drive a class variety of fashion cars. These days we see a lot of imported cars, particularly from Japan, running on the roads. These cars are constantly adopting new systems and designs in order to vigorously compete with other auto giants. Japan is believed to be a world leader in car manufacturing and has a huge number of major manufacturing companies including Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Isuzu.

Pakistani people prefer Japanese cars because they don’t find the same exciting designs and extraordinary features in local cars. These cars offer hi-fi designed interiors and a classy rich look which eventually makes them desirable for every individual. In order to import used and new cars from Japan, detailed information is given below regarding the conditions laid down in the Import Trade Policy and the structure of taxes.


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    Search for Cars Online:

    In order to find a car according to your requirement and budget, you need to search online from different sites by year and model etc. You can even make online deal on these sites. Some of the websites are,, and

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    Know the Vehicle Import Policy:

    According to the trade policy and custom rules, both new and used vehicles can be imported to Pakistan. New vehicles can be imported freely by any individual, and it requires the same procedure just like any other goods. Taxes and conditions on the imported vehicle will be applied. The conditions are given below;

    - Eligibility Criteria: For those who want to import used vehicles, they should be the citizens of   Pakistan and can import under any of the following three options; Transfer of  residence, Gift, Personal baggage. An individual can import one vehicle in two years and must have spent at least 180 days in Japan and if one wants to send vehicle through gift option, he must have lived in Japan for at least 2 years. With gift option, you can send vehicle to your immediate family only.

    - Vehicle Age Limit: The Government of Pakistan has recently raised the import age limit of  vehicles up to 5 years. The vehicles that can be imported include Car, Bus, Van,  Truck and Pickup and 4x4.

    - Import Duty & Tax: The amount of import duty that you've to pay in Pakistan changes each year. Current import duty on vehicles follows:

    800 cc and 1800 cc --> 50% of the sales price

    1801 cc and above --> 90% of the sales price

    Additionally, you'll be required to pay the current sales tax on vehicle too which is 16% now.

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    Calculate Shipping:

    To calculate shipping cost of any car you want to import from Japan, just multiply car shipping cost per cubic metre and export size of car. The car shipping cost per cubic metre for Pakistan is around US $77.

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    Contact Dealer:

    Once you are done with searching the right car and you know about the possible cost of import, contact the dealer and make an inquiry about the desired car. Although, all the information about the car will be given on the website but you may need to ask in depth details related to the car’s registration year, its booklet etc.

    In case if you're not interested in contacting online dealers, some of the following Pakistan based dealers may help you:
    - Japan Autos Karachi
    - Japan Motors Lahore
    - Fortalice Islamabad
    - Tokyo Motors Trading Faisalabad

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    Verify Vehicle Details:

    You can ask the dealer to provide complete details about the vehicle, so you can verify. Make sure to verify the documents properly from Verification is very important, because if the vehicle is found to be theft or have an invalid chassis number, you cannot import it.

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    Place an Order:

    Once satisfied with the car and its credentials, you can place an order for the car immediately.

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    Make Payment:

    In order to book a car, you have to arrange the payment in 2 to 5 days.

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    Get Shipping Schedule & Original Documents:

    After paying the price, the dealer will give you a confirmation signal and tell you about the shipping schedule, original documents of the car and other formalities.

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    Receive the Vehicle:

    Your Vehicle is supposed to be received within 2 to 3 weeks after it's shipped from Japan. Karachi port is the only shipping destination in Pakistan where imported cars initially arrive. In case you want to get your car delivered to other cities of Pakistan, you have to pay extra charges for it.

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    Apply for Vehicle Registration in Pakistan:

    After receiving the car, immediately apply for registration process in order to avoid legal complications.

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