How to Replace a Car Windshield

Car Windshields prevents the driver from all the dust and bugs while driving. However, the windshield must be replaced if it gets cracked or its visibility has been reduced due to scratches. Although it can be replaced from an auto workshop, one can get the job done all by him/herself as well.

Things Required:

– New Windshield
– Screw Driver
– Nuts
– Knife


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    Before you remove the old windshield of your car, remove the rear view mirror that is present inside the car. After that, unscrew the mirror’s base screws. Uninstall the wipers from the windshield. Seal the interior heater and air-condition vents with the help of masking tape to prevent any flakes of glass going inside them.

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    Check the condition of the rubber, which is present all around the windshield. If the rubber has cracked up from several places or has been softened up, then you can cut it out straight away and replace it with a new one. Push a knife into the centre of the rubber, making sure that your knife does not make contact with the windshield. Once all the rubber has been removed, push the windshield from the inside to remove it. Make sure that someone else is present at the front of the windshield to prevent it from shattering into pieces after hitting the front end of your vehicle.

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    Once the windshield has been removed, determine the condition of the frame. Remove any rust or dust from the frame. Clean your dashboard. Take out the gasket, and leave it in the sun for around 15 to 20 minutes to make it flexible. Apply it over the new windshield. Apply a bit of petroleum jelly over the edges of the rubber to make it slip into the frame.  Place the windshield over the frame, and push it inside to fit in. Once the new windshield has perfectly attached, tighten up all the loose rubber. Clean up all the petroleum jelly that you applied over the rubber to make it easier slip into the frame. Tighten up the screws of the windshield. Install the wipers and the rear view mirror.

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