How to Increase Mpg in a Car

In this day and age, everyone is looking to save a buck or two from wherever possible. Cutting corners to the maximum possible extent has become the norm and no longer are people looking to blow money on everything. Same is true when it comes to the amount of money they spend on traveling.

Driving a car that is fuel efficient is always good for the pocket. The situation can be further improved by taking some steps which allow better fuel consumption in the longer run. 


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    Get Engine Tuned

    Your engine should be well tuned at all times. If the tuning is out, it will certainly consume more fuel than it ideally should. Also ensure that all crucial fluids are replaced in the car in a timely manner so that the engine’s performance is not halted by bad performance of other parts of the car.

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    Maintaining an Optimum Speed

    Try to maintain a single speed where the car consumes the least amount of fuel. In most cars, it is around 50 miles per hour but will vary a bit here and there in general.

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    Avoid Breaking

    Too much breaking causes greater consumption of fuel. Try not to break the engine too often and if it is necessary, slow the car down by shifting gears. Also maintain a decent distance between yourself and the car in front of you so that the need of a sudden break is minimum.

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    Air Conditioning

    Avoid air conditioning when possible, especially in the city. If you can manage with windows rolled down, that is better. In case you are traveling at a high speed, it is better to use air conditioning though as the drag caused by the air while traveling may have a greater negative effect on fuel consumption.

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    Avoid idling and drive your car slowly to ensure that it gets warmed up. Idling can eat up a lot of fuel.

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    Try to keep unnecessary objects out of the car to reduce the weight it has to carry. The greater the weight, the more fuel the car will consume and vice versa.

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    Avoid Sudden Acceleration

    Accelerate in a steady manner. If you floor it suddenly, the car will need greater amount of fuel and the consumption will increase greatly. Even if you intend to drive your vehicle at higher speeds, achieve the speed slowly and try not to test your car’s 0-60 miles time.

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