How to Build an Electric Car

A car that runs on electricity can help you save money on petrol, and on top of that it does not produce any waste products which are harmful to the environment. It is therefore also known as the green car or pollution free car.

Electric cars look like really fancy, but they are relatively simple to make and you can build one at your own home yourself. All you need is a combination of the required tool set, ample amount of time, and a bit of electrical and mechanical expertise.

Things Required:

– Gloves
– Goggles
– Electric motor
– Solar Panels
– Torque Wrench
– Engine crane


  • 1

    You will be dealing with electricity and sharp metal objects during the making of the electric car. As safety is of utmost importance, you should don your complete safety gear while working.

  • 2

    Decide what do actually need to make. Do you want to build an electric car just to kill your leisure time or you want a vehicle that you can drive to your workplace daily. The strength and capacity of batteries, the power of engine, and the size of tires, all depend on these factors.

  • 3

    After deciding on the choice of the vehicle you will have to arrange a used car body to be used as the base for your electric car. As electric engines do not possess great horse power, so it is recommended to purchase a light and small body. Moreover, the profile of the body, weight of the frame and the type of axle should also be catered for when locking in the choice of the car body.

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    Purchase an electric motor which you think is big enough to bear the load of the entire vehicle. The motor chosen should be easy to assemble, and remember it should be a DC motor.

  • 5

    Buy all the required tools for getting an electric car and place them in your garage. You will have to disassemble the old car parts first before moving forward. Install solar cells on the surface of the car to generate electric current. The direct current produced will be used to charge the car batteries. The batteries should have the capacity to run the vehicle for two or three days without sunlight.

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    Also install degenerative braking system in the car, as it generates electric charge when you apply brakes, and this charge can be used to energise the batteries of the car. Connect the electric motor with the terminals of the battery and install a switch which should be controlled by the driver.

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