How To Shut Off a Car Alarm that Won’t Quit

These days, it is almost impossible to find a car that won’t have a car alarm in it. This is because people now want to feel more secure about their belongings, and in regards to cars, they feel that having a car alarm will help them keep their car more secure then it would have been without it.

However, despite car alarms having some very brilliant safety features, from time to time these alarms seem to go on and never seem to quit. In these cases it becomes important to understand just how to turn off the car alarm before it makes you go crazy with all the noise that it is making.


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    Unlock doors

    The first thing you need to check is if the driver’s door is unlocked. Most car alarms turn off once the driver side door of the car is unlocked, so this should be the first thing that you should attempt to check in order to get the alarm to turn off.

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    Start car

    In case that is not the issue that is causing your alarm to go off, then the next step is to put the key in the ignition and to then turn the car on. This is more than likely to turn off the cars alarm, since all alarms have a kill feature, which turns them off, once the car is turned on.

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    Remove fuse

    Another thing that you can do is to locate the car alarm fuse and to remove it. All car manuals come with locations as to just where the fuse box is located and just what fuse is responsible for what. However, if you installed the car alarm later on, you will have to play a guessing game.

    Once you locate the fuses, all you have to do is pull it out. If you don’t know which one to pull, you can do a trial and error run, by pulling and putting fuses back in place, till the car alarm finally goes on and shuts off.

    As long as you put the fuses back in place, there shouldn’t be any problems.

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    Disconnect battery

    The last option that you have on your hands is to disconnect the car battery. Since the alarm can’t work without a power source, disconnecting the battery will turn off the alarm altogether. It will also reset the car alarm.

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