How To Choose an Alternative Fuel Source for Your Car

With the earth’s oil resources depleting rapidly, dependence on non-renewable fuel needs to be lowered and alternate sources of energy are required.

However, with the modern technological advancements, it is a rare probably that governments would sit around to watch all this go to waste just because we ran out of natural oil reserves.

World over, scientists are working hard to find alternative fuels which will keep our machines running for another millennium. There has been some success in this direction, although these are only baby steps as still no source has been discovered which can actually replace oil.

While some fuels are being used worldwide by motorists, switching to alternative fuel is a very important decision and needs thorough research.


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    Petrol’s biggest rival is biodiesel fuel; however its greatest con is its cost, as it is more expensive to produce than your regular diesel. The reason behind its high cost is the fact that there are not many stations offering hundred percent biodiesel. However, as more producers popup, the cost of biodiesel will eventually fall. Its second disadvantage is that it can clog your car’s filters.

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    Next up is ethanol, which has the potential of becoming an important fuel in times to come. However, it is still more expensive than gasoline which means it still has a long way to go before becoming the world’s number-one fuel source. The main issue lies in its transportation, as pipelines cannot be used because it picks up impurities and water. The only way to move it is by trucks and trains which takes its price up. The problem in using it as a fuel source for your car is that it contains less energy than petrol and gives less mileage.

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    Hybrid cars have been gaining popularity recently, as they are the best cost efficient alternative in the market. When you are not using your car, it is quite convenient to recharge your battery. Nonetheless, it still does not mean that it doesn’t have any cons as there are doubts regarding the longevity of the battery. The hybrid cars are still new and so far none of these vehicles have been on the roads for ten years which is the required time period to get a clear picture on the life span of the batteries.

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