How to Install a Pt Cruiser Roof Rack

Are you planning to go on vacations with your family and you have a lot of luggage to carry with you in your PT Cruiser?

If yes, then it may become really difficult for you to carry the entire luggage in your vehicle’s trunk. Here, the roof rack comes handy, as it can carry heavy loads, and the items that are really big in size. The installation process for the roof rack is also very easy and it does not take more than just an hour put it in place. However, you must have all the necessary tools to perform the installation.


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    Purchase a roof rack, which can fit best with your PT Cruiser. You will find a number of roof racks available in the market. However, it is advised that you should go for the rack made by Mopar, as the company is the official producer of the racks for the PT Cruiser from Chrysler.

    If you find it a bit expensive to buy roof rack made by Mopar, then you can go for any other rack too, as the process for installation for other racks is similar to that of Mopar’s.

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    Place the roof rack key in the back end of the roof rack and remove the end from the rack. Repeat the same process with every side. It is really important that you keep the key in safe place, as it is necessary to use the key, in order to remove the end of the racks. This method is applied to prevent the roof rack from being stolen.

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    You will see a rubber strip at the middle of the roof rack. Peel it off, in order to expose the screws. Now open the driving side door of your PT Cruiser and pull off the rubber trim on top of the door. Repeat the process for each door, as it is the place where the roof rack will mount.

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    Place the roof racks on top of the PT Cruiser’s roof. Loosen the screw which you uncovered by peeling off the rubber from the centre of the rack.  Now push the rack on one of the door jams and tighten the screw to put it in place. Repeat the process for each corner.

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    Use your hands to push back the rubber moulding over the roof rack. Also, reinstall the rubber strip and reinsert the rack ends.

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