How To Replace your Car Air Conditioner

Today, the presence of air conditioning in the car has become a prerequisite. It is difficult to travel by car in summer without air conditioning. Conditioners that are used in the car are different in design and functions to those that are in offices and homes.

The car has two air-conditioning system: top and bottom. Air conditioning compressor is at the top works as a pump. Refrigerant moves in with a compressor to help the pump whereas control valve located at the bottom controls the movement of the refrigerant flow. It helps to lower the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant.

Conditioner in the machine works almost like a refrigerator and a mechanical part which consists of many parts including configuring warm air from the car and throws it into the cold cabin inside the car.

This helps maintain a constant temperature in a small car where sometimes the air conditioner stops working or insufficient cooling air. However, just like other devices, the conditioner needs proper maintenance and repair respectively.

Machines come in different models and designs. But the foundations of the air conditioner in most cars are the same.

Things Required:

– Compressor
– Condenser
– Expansion valve
– The refrigerant and absorbent i.e. evaporator


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    After installing the compressor with the help of sufficient tools under the hood, the coolant is pumped through the compressor. Air conditioner compressor works as the main driving force. The condenser converts the refrigerant into a liquid.

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    In condensing the refrigerant, remove the control valve and set up the evaporator. This can be checked with fluorescent paint, which is available at any auto parts store. Must strictly follow the instructions printed on the bag with the dye. In most cases, the dye is added through the hole of low pressure, which is located on the canister of air conditioning in the car.

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    Detect the flow using UV light. In case of leakage in the automobile you can buy a set for filling for the air conditioner.

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