Selling a Used Car to a Dealership

No matter if you are selling your old car because it has become a load on your pocket or the purpose is just to get some extra money to buy a new one, you should sell it to a dealer as this will enable you to make maximum out of this transaction. Moreover, selling your used car to a dealership is a secure and less time consuming method.

However, not all fingers are equal so you should be vigilant while negotiating with dealers. You will face many dealers who will pay you less than the actual market value of car. There are also dealers who will make excuses and delay the payment. So it is better to follow a few tips while selling a used car to a dealership.


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    Check the condition of vehicle:

    First, you should check the condition of your vehicle as it will help you in evaluating its worth. If you are skilled enough to have a look then it is sufficient otherwise you may seek help from a mechanic. If you want to know about the real condition of your car then a mechanic can help as they can also give you an estimate of its market price.

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    Assess the market value:

    Next thing is to do some research about your vehicle’s market value. The best way is to visit the market and show your car to different dealers. After couple of offers, you will be able to think of a reasonable price to ask from a dealership. Another way is to browse the internet and visit online auto trading websites. There are countless vehicle-based websites that can equip you with the proper information.

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    Check dealer’s track record:

    Now, when you are fully prepared to deal the buyer, you should do one more thing to avoid any fraud. This is to check the dealership’s track record. Check for necessary information like registration number, tax identity etc. However, do not give an impression that you doubt their credibility. Not every dealer is a bad guy so try to find some middle ground while selling your car.

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    Engage more than one dealer:

    If you want to make best out of this deal then do not rely on just one dealer. Engage a couple of dealers and finalise the deal with the one who offers you best price.

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    Cash only deal:

    It is always a good idea to only accept cash otherwise there is a possibility of delayed payments.

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