How to Connect a Car Alarm

Connecting a car alarm system is not as hard as some of you may think. In addition to defending your vehicle from theft, a car alarm system protects your possessions from being violated. Luckily the steps involved in installing a car alarm system are extremely simple if you have some basic knowledge and skills about your car’s electrical systems. You can purchase a car theft protection system from your local auto supply store and consider following some simple instructions to help you connect a car alarm.

Things Required:

– Alarm control module wiring harness
– Masking tape and marker
– Alarm control module wiring
– Metal bracket
– Velcro
– Phillips screwdriver
– Electric drill
– Hood pin switch
– Wrench set
– Siren
– Self-tapping metal screws
– Shock sensor
– T-tap electrical connectors
– Valet switch
– LED indicator
– Alarm remote control


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    As discussed before, you will be required to have some basic knowledge of your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical system to be able to install a car theft alarm. If this is not the case, hire a professional to perform this task for you. However, if you do have some knowledge and skills then proceed.

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    Use the alarm system user manual to be able to identify the harness wires. You will be required to mark all wires using a masking tape. Make sure the harness provides functions such as power door and window locks, LED indicator, siren and shock sensor. Identify the module’s power wire by finding the fuse wire.

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    Determine a location inside your vehicle where you would like to install the module. This location can be either just under the steering or under the seat as per your liking. Use a Velcro and a metal bracket to mount the module. Pass the power wire through the fire wall on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Route the power wire into the engine and towards the battery.

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    It is also recommended to remove any wires from your vehicle that will not be used for the car alarm system. Find out what panel needs to be eliminated from your vehicle in order to install the car alarm system properly.

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    Test the wires after connecting them to each other. Make sure the location you to choose to install the siren is away from heat sources such as hot water and the engine. A siren should be placed in a location that is not easily accessible. Connect the siren to the alarm using the wires and change the panel on your vehicle. Again, test the alarm to make sure it is working properly.

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