How to Convert a Car to Run on Vegetable Oil

It is very important to note that only cars which are designed to run on diesel can be converted to vegetable oil. The job can be rather technical if you try to do it yourself but you can easily purchase a modification kit that makes the whole process a lot easier. Running your car on vegetable oil is great for the environment as it reduces carbon emissions. You can also save a lot of money as you will not be spending your cash at the gas station.

Things Required:

– Old diesel car
– Conversion kit
– Tools
– Vegetable oil supply


  • 1

    Find old diesel car:

    You can find old diesel cars in classified ad listings and they are usually not that expensive. Search different listings on the internet to find a good deal on a quality diesel car that won’t cost you a fortune. Try to find a diesel automobile that is over 15 years old. The car should be mechanically sound and in decent condition. It is important to find an old diesel car that has a large fuel injection unit capable of handling vegetable oil. Do not get an old diesel car that is in bad shape as you will not save any money from the vegetable oil conversion - constant repairs will cost a bundle.


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    Purchase Conversion kit:

    Go online and find the proper conversion kit that is compatible with your old diesel car. Be sure to order the conversion kit from a reputable website. You can also check various car magazines for listings of conversion kit manufacturers.

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    Install Conversion kit:

    If you are not that mechanically skilled then take your old diesel car to a workshop tech who is familiar with these types of vegetable oil conversion kits. Remember a good mechanic can be rather costly so be prepared for this in advance. You can do the conversion yourself if you take your time and maybe get the help of a friend with some tools. However, it is better to have someone do the conversion for you as any damage you do can be costly in the long run.

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    Vegetable oil supply:

    Once you have the conversion done, you will need to find an ample source of vegetable oil. The ideal place for you is small restaurants that are usually willing to part with their used cooking oil for free. Make sure you contact as many different restaurants as possible to maintain a steady supply of used vegetable oil for your car.

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