How To Shut Off Your Car Alarm without Remote

Car alarms are a brilliant invention, which help keep your car safe and secure. They make sure no one apart from you can access your car, and this is something that everyone feels is very important in terms of security and giving you a sense of protection in regards to your car.

Now, despite car alarms being rather brilliant, they tend to have some very minor draw backs. Sometimes, your car remote can run out of batteries, which makes it rather hard to get inside your car without sounding the alarm and looking like someone who is breaking into the car. On other occasions, you may forget the remote at home, and now you can’t seem to find a way into the car without the alarm going off again.

Despite this seeming to be a very big problem, there are a number of ways with which you can remedy the situation and avoid being caught in a position you wouldn’t want to be in to begin with.


  • 1

    Unlock and/or start car

    The first thing you should try to do is to unlock the driver’s side of the car. Most cars have a safety feature which turns the alarm off if the original key is put into the driver’s side of the car and the door is unlocked.

    Other cars require you to unlock the door with the original key and then sit in the car and turn it on.

    Doing both should most probably turn off the alarm and allow you to drive away safely.

  • 2

    Remove alarm fuse

    The next best thing to do, is to remove the car alarms fuse. Now if you had the alarm put in after you bought the car, chances are it won’t be marked in your cars guide book as to what fuse is going to turn the alarm off for you.

    In this situation, the smart thing would be to remove all the fuses one by one, until you come across the one that powers the alarm.

    Removing all the fuses won’t do any harm to your car, as long as you place them back in the same place you took them out from.

  • 3

    Disconnect battery

    The last option you have is to disconnect your car battery. In some cars, doing this would end up resetting the car alarm, so if you have the front door unlocked when you do this, the alarm won’t go off and you will be able to drive off, without the sounds of the alarm blaring in the background.

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