How to Cool Down an Overheated Car

Overheating of the engine may well interrupt your trip or significantly lengthen its duration. If it is not noticed in time, the consequences can be very negative, up to engine seizure and destruction of its parts. So, you should know the reasons behind the overheating and ways to cool down the car’s engine.

The probability of occurrence of engine overheating is doubled in the summer. However, it may occur in winter if you have not poured water into the radiator for more than a week, depending upon your usage.


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    There are situations when the coolant temperature of your vehicle begins to rise rapidly to critical values. It is recommended to stop and let the engine cool down. If the pressure in the cooling system is low, it is useful to pour water into the radiator.

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    At higher temperatures, the engine starts to lose power significantly. If you have figured out that the engine of your vehicle is overheated, pull over your vehicle to the side of the road, switch off the engine and open the hood to speed up the cooling of the engine. In any case, do not open the radiator cap until it cools down. Powerful emission of hot coolant and steam can burn your hand and face if you open the cap while it is heated.

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    Wait 10-15 minutes after stopping. Then, make sure that the pressure in the cooling system has reduced. Then carefully open the radiator cap and top up the coolant. The process of refilling should be completed slowly and carefully in order to avoid any potential damage to the cylinder head.

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    The next step is to start the engine. Remain idle and check the coolant temperature by sensor.

    Check for any potential leak and whether the fan is functioning properly. Upon detection of a leak, call a mechanic and do not try to fix it yourself.

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