How to Remove the Steering Knuckles From a Jeep Wrangler

The process of removing the steering knuckles from your Jeep Wrangler is not too difficult. However, you do require a lot of time to remove some of the parts by using particular tools.

Things required

– Jack
– Jack stands
– Lug wrench
– Pliers
– Breaker bar
– Socket set
– 12 point socket set
– Hub puller
– Ratchet set
– Wrench set
– Penetrating oil
– Tie rod separator
– Ball joint separator
– Hammer


  • 1

    First of all, take the jack and place it under your jeep’s front differential. Then, lift it gradually to get the wheels off the floor. After that, take the jack stands and place them beneath your jeep for support.

  • 2

    Now, you have to remove the lug studs with the help of lug wrench and take the front tyres off. Keep the lug studs at a place from where you can take them easily afterwards.

  • 3

    Take out the cotter pin by using a pair of pliers and remove the dust from the drive nut which is at the end of the front axle. After that, take a breaker bar and socket to remove the drive nut. You may need someone to hold the brakes for you so that you can remove the nut.

  • 4

    Then, you have to find the mounting bolts which are tightened on the back of the brake calliper. Take a socket and ratchet wrench to remove the mounting bolts.

  • 5

    Pull the wheel studs to remove the brake rotor. You can also use a lubricant to remove it. Now, find the hub mounting bolts which are given on the back of steering knuckle. Remove them by using 12-point socket. Remember that you don’t have to use anything else to remove the mounting bolts as it may cause damage.

  • 6

    By using the pair of pliers, you have to remove the cotter pin which attached to the knuckle on the tie rod. Take a wrench and remove the nuts.

  • 7

    Strike the knuckle with a hammer by placing the tie rod between it to separate it. Then, take the cotter pins out and remove the nuts with wrench. Now, take a bigger hammer and use the same technique to take out the ball joint.

  • 8

    Take the knuckle off the ball joints and reinstall it with the new steering knuckles and tighten all the bolts well. Repeat the same process for the other side of the jeep.

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