Mini Commercial Vehicle Clubvan Reviews

The brand of small cars, Mini, accomplished in astonishing its customers, by introducing world’s first first-class compact delivery van, the Clubvan. This five door vehicle is a panel style version of Clubman.

The name of the van indicates that the car might have good number of seats; instead it has two seats with a good room for cargo at the back, along with a fixed grate, which is beneficial for keeping breakable items and pets like bulldogs, and prevents them from sliding.

The windows of the van are blacked out by putting an inner layer of polycarbonate. The windows of the rear doors are also opaque.

The spacious room for cargo is properly carpeted, the roof is an acrylic, and a socket of 12 volts is also available. The van can easily handle a weight of 500 kilograms. For a gas options the horsepower is 98 and 122 hp, whereas the diesel is with 112 hp.

With a black interior there are four colors available in the van. The van is classified as a commercial vehicle.

With its groundbreaking model this fantastic compact delivery van will go on sale in August 2012. This innovative model of van will accomplish in setting new standards of quality, style and obviously it will make driving fun.

The makers of this awe-inspiring vehicle have kept even the slightest of the details in mind; behind the rear seats the driver will be able to access the cargo or delivery packages, through the right side clubdoor or through the opening split rear door.

Being the first Mini commercial vehicle, the van is taxed at lower rates. The van will be available in the market with three versions the 72 kW/98 hp MINI One Clubvan, the 82 kW/112 hp MINI Cooper D Clubvan and the 90 kW/122 MINI Cooper Clubvan.

So if you are willing to portray a sophisticated statement while carrying out a delivery to a customer, then do see this rare collection of van in august.

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