How to get cheap car insurance for young drivers

I recently came to a shock after moving away from being 2nd driver under my father and finding my own insurance but because I am under the age of 25 insurance companies dislike people like me, therefore they put premiums so far up to cover their own ass.

Websites like Go Compare, are no longer the same to what they used to be… you are paying extra money to the middle man for no reason, in fact is for people that are confused and want to be lazy about things over 100 different insurance companies… you fill out there forms in 1 form and find the lowest price… But is this really the lowest price? No.

You search doesn’t stop there, good things to come easy. Let me tell you how much I saved today just doing a little extra searching.

The car I tried to get insured was a Ford Fiesta 1.4 diesel – yes I’m a young driver so I’d advise getting anything from 1 litre to 1.6 remember insurance companies go by the engine size and the BHP of the car, not how old or young it is. The Ford I tried to insurance at Go Compare came up at £1,694.40 at its cheapest please keep in mind I have no – no claims discount then I went directly to all the websites and they were ranging from £1550 to £2200 finally I stumble across something they call a “tracker box” now wait! This isn’t the crappy box at Tesco that tracks your mileage no… This tracks your behavior by an insurance company called Churchill – why do they do this, does it? They simply want 1st hand data to see how youngsters under 25 drive they only do this price ONCE for the year, they will never call you and tell you “hey you’re behaving badly” “hey you’ve got over the annual mileage” so you have no problems as all they want is the data of how young people drive.

In case you’re wondering my one-single-payment for the year went down to £1,100 by doing this and I really couldn’t find anything close to as cheap as this – if you have any problems, please leave a message below I will personally respond to them myself and help out from my personal experience.

(Please keep in mind, prices vary from city to city depending on how many accidents happen in that particular city, how busy it is, how the roads are set etc. my city was considered highly dangerous therefore your quotations may be a lot cheaper)


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    Read below for the Step By Step:


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    Visit Churchill or call them 0800 032 4829

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    Select the option for car insurance with behavior box

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    Get 20% off by doing this

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    Choose to pay monthly or annually

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    Get covered whenever you want the policy to start

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