How to Clean Windows inside the Car

Even if you have never touched the inside of the car’s windows, they can become quite dirty. This is because the oils and fumes combined with the air conditioning or ventilation system of the car form a coating on the interior of car windows. Cleaning might be a challenging task as you do not want to end up with streaks but with proper instructions, you can easily do it quickly.

Things Required:

– Auto glass cleaner
– Two Microfibre cloth pieces
– Rag or Old Newspaper


  • 1

    Ways to avoid streaks

    Use good window cleaner

    You need to use a good window cleaner in order to avoid streaks. This is because few cleaners require the proper amount of dilution or they will cause more streaking. Remember that a concentrated cleaner leads to formation of streaks. It is recommended to buy a cleaner which is specially built for removing grime on windows.

  • 2

    Use a clean absorbent towel

    You should get an absorbent towel for cleaning purposes. Remember to clean the surface thoroughly to prevent dirt from spreading which can eventually cause nasty streaks.

  • 3

    Use enough cleaner

    You are required to use enough cleaner in order to prevent the window from drying up quickly. If this happens, you will only be spreading the dirt and grime around and not really be cleaning anything properly.

  • 4

    Spray cleaner on the window

    You need to spray the cleaner directly on the window. Avoid spraying it on the upholstery or plastic surfaces of the car.

  • 5

    Cleaning of the interior car windows

    Cleaning door windows

    For cleaning door windows, you need to slightly roll them down about an inch before cleaning. Doing this will help you clean the top part of the windows.

  • 6

    Use a rag or old newspaper

    You should use a rag or old newspaper in order to protect the surface below the windows. Simply place them underneath the glass to prevent any cleaner spilling.

  • 7

    Spray cleaner

    You need to spray the cleaner on the glass and use enough to cover the entire area. In case you have tinted windows, it is recommended not to use a cleaner with ammonia as this can cause damage.

  • 8

    Use microfibre cloth

    You need to wipe the window with a microfibre cloth. Later you need to get another microfibre cloth in order to dry and buff the window.

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