Shampoo Car Carpet

Owning a high standard car and maintaining its exterior is not the only job to do, you have to pay a lot of attention towards the interior as well. If you ignore cleaning up the insides soon the carpeting starts giving out an unpleasant odor..

Besides the attractiveness and exquisiteness of the car, the dirt may cause allergy which is obviously very irritating and annoying for everyone.

When you want to clean up your car’s interior, there is a proper procedure which should be followed to get your carpets cleaned thoroughly. Fortunately, you don’t have to visit a professional cleaner and request him to do your job. Just a few things are required and if you follow the steps below, your car’s carpeting will be brand new in no time.


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    Before getting started you need few important things for shampooing your car carpets.
    Things you need are as follow:
    a) Car carpet shampoo
    b) Apron
    c) Wet dry vacuum
    d) Stiff tire brush
    e) Gloves
    f) Water

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    There are varieties of car carpet shampoos in market, but most of the time it is really hard for you to decide which product is reliable. While searching I came across few amazing products which have had good ratings in terms of quality.

    The top ten car carpet cleaning detergents are mentioned below:

    Stain-X Pro Extraction Carpet Shampoo:
    Due to reliability this product has been very popular. You don't need to use a lot of this product to clean up your whole car.

    Rug Doctor Mighty Pro:
    This product is also fairly popular due to its reliability. With the help of powerful ingredients this cleaning agent can remove grease and stains with very little effort.

    Simple Solutions Carpet Shampoo:
    Simple Solution is well known for removing pet stains and their odor as well. The product has received positive reviews of customers because it can perfectly eliminate the spots caused by unmanageable cats or dogs.

    Ø Hoover Platinum Collection Professional Strength Carpet & Upholstery Detergent:
    The distinctive quality about this product is that it thoroughly cleans out dust and mud and makes your car carpet appear brand new.

    Ø Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover:
    This product has proven to be very reliable. Spot shot is an ideal product to clean small stains on your carpets or rugs without having to shampoo it all.

    Kirby Carpet Shampoo:
    Kirby cleaning products are considered to be one of the best selling car cleaning items and should serve as a good choice.

    Method Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose Cleaner:
    This product is available in two scents and leaves your car's carpet smelling brand new after every cleaning.

    Ecover All-Purpose Cleaner:
    With a citrus scent, this de-greasing cleaner is not only used for cleaning mats and rugs, but moping floors as well. The ingredients of this product are all natural.

    Life Tree All-Purpose Spray:
    This earth friendly product with the scent of Lavender is best choice for removing grease form your washable items.

    Seventh Generation Free and Clear All Purpose Cleaner:
    With no scent, dyes or fumes, Seventh Generation’s product is an ideal cleaning agent for those users who have allergy problems due to skin sensitivity or breathing issues.

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    The first thing you will focus on is your own protection, because the detergents or shampoos used for cleaning purpose often have strong chemicals which may harm your skin or the splash my hurt your eyes.

    Wear gloves to protect your hands and an apron to avoid any damage to your attire, you can also wear old clothes so that your work is done comfortably.

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    Fill a bucket of water or you can use a pipe to pour water. The temperature of the water should be moderate and not very hot because certain chemicals react in high temperatures.

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    Add the required amount of shampoo in the bucket. The ratio of the water and the shampoo will be according to the directions mentioned on the shampoo bottle.

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    Take out all the rugs and carpets from your car and vacuum them with a dry vacuum cleaner. Make sure that all dirt has been removed.

    Then vacuum those mats and carpets which are non removable.

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    Pour a required amount of water on your carpet so that it gets moist, then with help of a stiff tire brush start scrubbing the entire area, until the white foam gets brown and the stains are nowhere to be seen.

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    The procedure mentioned above is a common way to wash your carpets, but to avoid any mishap or damage you should always follow the correct directions written on your chemical bottle.

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    After scrubbing your carpets rinse them properly to eliminate the soapy water and check if you have missed any stains or spot.

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    Hang the wet pieces of carpet on a wire, but the position should be vertical. The other method to extract moistness and foam from the carpet is by using a wet dry vacuum cleaner, which sucks the water out very easily.

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    After cleaning the removable pieces in the same manner you have to clean the side portions of your seat.

    Shampooing your car carpet is a very easy if you choose a perfect product and patiently follow the directions given in this guide.

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