Why 2013 Acura Rdx is a Brilliant Car?

The redesigned 2013 Acura RDX is fully powered to win over shoppers who have a clear sense of style and enough money in their bag to grab this exemplary model of Honda.


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    It enjoys a substantial price advantage as compared to its competitors. The redesigned 2013 Acura RDX remains one of the more sensibly priced players in this segment and comes with a price tag of $34,420. For those who want all-wheel drive they have to pay extra $1400 for it.


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    Acura wasn't that successful when it launched RDX in its previous model of 2007. Therefore, the redesigned RDX adds up a bit in a number of significant ways. It arrived with a larger inside and out, and also included some high-tech electronic and luxury features not found in its previous generation. It’s lighter and delivers a highly sophisticated all-well drive system and most important, a smooth and polished V6 engine that’s more efficient.


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    Equipped with six-speed automatic transmissions, Acura claims to deliver luxurious driving experience and offers better fuel economy as compared to the old four-cylinder engine along with faster acceleration.


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    The 3.5 liter V-6 in the latest RDX doesn’t feel quite as eager but it’s more powerful, comfortable and features cylinder deactivation system which provides better fuel economy. Steering is much lighter than before this time and it comes with a big body - thanks to widespread use of high-strength steel. For car fanatics, the new RDX is certainly a step back from the previous generation but for those with grey hair, it is definitely a huge step forward because the experience is more luxurious. It has improved its chassis inflexibility and aerodynamic efficiency. The powertrain is more sophisticated and has an overly stiff suspension which makes it stronger, competent and predictable.


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