How to Install a 12V Accessory Outlet on an ATV

Installing a 12V accessory outlet on an ATV is slightly difficult but with the right information and tools, you can do this with ease. Before installing a 12V accessory outlet on an ATV, you need to understand that All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are the perfect machines to discover the nature and be in the outdoors. This vehicle usually travels on low pressure tires and is exceptionally useful to go in remote areas for work or just to have some weekend fun with friends and family. Installing a 12V accessory outlet can be done on your ATV without too much trouble.


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    Installing 12V Accessory Outlet on an ATV

    All terrain vehicles or ATV is extensively used by adventurers. ATV's travel on low pressure tires and it has a smooth steering control giving you maximum control in uneven areas where usually bikes or any kind of transportation cannot operate properly. You need to understand that an ATV is a complete machine which gives you maximum assistance in remote areas. You can install many accessories on an ATV along with a 12V outlet. It is built to give you maximum power and has many options to install little accessories. Along with installing accessories, you need to also take care of various other things including the legality of its use in cities and streets. Some states in the  US allow it but most of the states do not give permission to operate an ATV on the roads.

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    Selecting mounting point for outlet

    After getting all the important information regarding an ATV accessories and how to install them, you are required to select a specific point for installing of 12V outlet.  You need to locate a 2 inch opening behind the plug to install a 12V outlet. You also need to make sure that this installation should not interfere with operations of the ATV. If this happens, you will need a bike mechanic to correct the electrical connectors.

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    Cutting 11/16-inch hole

    You will require an 11/16 inch hole before installing the outlet. You should also be careful with regards to working behind the mounting surface and its components.

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    Laying out components

    Laying out components also need extensive care. If any component breaks, the entire wiring will be damaged as well.

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    Measuring amount of wire

    Measuring the correct amount of wire is very important before you finally install a 12V outlet on an ATV.

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