How to Recycle Motor Oil

If you are an owner of a motor vehicle you will know that the motor oil needs to be replaced every 5000 kilometres.

It is recommended to recycle used motor engine oil so it can be converted into useful fuels oils. Raw materials required in petrochemical industries and refineries are usually produced by using used motor engine oil as the source. If you are looking to determine the way of recycling used oil you will be glad to know that the steps involved are very simple.

You can recycle used oil at your local community oil collection centres, maintenance facilities, service stations or car dealers.

Things Required:

– Oil Filter Wrenches
– Motor Oil
– Oil Filters
– Adjustable Oi Filter Wrenches
– Used-oil Container Or Gallon Milk Jugs


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    Before doing anything else, you should consider speaking to one of the customers services members at your local state or county office to determine the requirements and procedure for recycling motor engine oil in your region.

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    Purchase a leak proof container from your local hardware store. Now position car’s drained oil into the container with a screw on top of it. Use a plastic jug or a bottle as another container that has not been used to keep any household chemical. You can also use old baskets or drums to pour the keep the motor oil.

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    You must also visit your local automotive store and purchase a new special container which will be used to hold the used motor oil. You can also buy the motor oil change up kit from your local hardware store to replace the oil by yourself.

    For those who take their vehicles to mechanic regularly, they can ask the mechanic to pour the used oil into the container.

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    Once the oil container is completely filled with oil, take it to your local oil collection centre, car dealer, repair shop or other similar facilities. Speak to one of the customer services agent at Earth’s Cleanup Foundation to find out which collection centre is nearest to your house.

    You can also navigate to their website and enter your postcode that will display a list of oil collection centres near your house.

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    Vehicle repair centres such as Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube and Kragen Auto Parts collect used oil to recycle it. Visit these repair centres in your region to find out if they offer such services.

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