How to Replace the Water Pump on a Car

A car water pump is a piece of equipment in the car which controls the flow of coolant through the water body. It is a really important part of the system as without proper cooling system in place, the car will heat up quickly and may cause the engine to melt.

Over heating of car engine can cease the engine, which is equivalent to major break down of the engine. So temperature tabs should be observed regularly, particularly while driving in summer.

If temperature of engine keeps on rising steadily it’s time to get a look on your water pump to check whether it is working properly or not. Sometimes the pump is working fine, and the source of trouble is a hole in the water body which causes coolant levels’ to drop, which in turn causes the rising of temperature of the engine.

Things Required:

– Drain pan
– Socket Set
– Automobile owner’s manual


  • 1

    Inspect the water pump to find out whether it needs a replacement or not. If it does, search online for a water pump for your car.

    Turn off the car engine and allow it 30 minutes to cool down completely. Identify the car battery and remove its negative terminal. It’s time to remove the empty the water body of your car. Place a bucket beneath the car and open the radiator drain cup on the underside on the radiator.  Give it about five minutes time to completely dry out.

  • 2

    Locate your alternator’s brackets on which it is mounted and loosen them but not remove completely. Then use sockets of suitable size to remove and lift the drive belts away.

    You may still not be able to access the water pump yet as its one of the most confined units in a car engine. Remove any other parts or accessories that make their way out of the water pump. You may use a pipe wrench to remove the screws on top of the water pump. After removing the pump, put it away.

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    Inspect the section of engine under the water pump and check out for rust and other forms of damage. If it requires cleaning, use a proper cleaner to clean the water chamber. Also replace the water pump gaskets if required.

    Put the new pump in its place and use the same set of screws to hold it in its place. Now install all parts that were removed in the previous steps in the exact same order.

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