How to Replace Rocker Panels in Cars

If the rocker panels in your car have developed too much rust over the passage of time, you should probably replace them instead of trying to remove the rust. Fortunately, replacing rocker panels is something you can do at home with too much hustle.

Remember it is always better to plan first and line up the new panel on top of the old panel. This will allow you to mark where you can cut out the old panel.

Down below are the stepsĀ  you will need in order to replace the old rocker panels in your car.


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    Things Required:

    - Torch cutter or cutting disc
    - Wrench Set
    - MIG welder
    - Drill with metal cutting bits
    - Wrenches and/or socket set
    - Metal grinder
    - Several sets of locking pliers or small clamps
    - New rocker panel

    Locate the bolts holding the fender in place. These bolts should be 4 to 6 in number. In order to increase your work space and make the task of rocker panel replacement easier, remove the fender by removing all the bolts holding the fender in place.

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    Now you need to remove the old rocker panels. Work on one panel at a time and remove the old weld points keeping that panel attached to the frame. The panel will simply fall off once all of the weld points have been removed. You will need to use a torch cutter of cutting disc for this purpose.

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    If for some reason, you can remove an old rocker panel by removing the old weld points, you will have to grind off that panel. Keep grinding the old panel until you have created enough space for the new rocker panel to fit snugly.

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    Hold the new rocker panel in place by securing it along its length with locking pliers or small clamps. Use as many locking pliers or small clamps as necessary. Just make sure that the rocker panel will hold while you weld it in place.

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    It is now time to weld the new rocker panel. Make use of the old weld spots as a reference for welding the new panel in place. Just use the old weld spots. There is no need to make new ones.

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    Carefully grind off the weld spots until the excess metal on them has been removed. Lousiness on your part while grinding the weld spots may result in a damaged rocker panel so make sure that you avoid grinding into the rocker panel.

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    Finally, reinstall the fender and secure it with bolts.

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