How To Make Leather Seats for a Car

If you are not happy with the seats of your car, you can easily make new leather seats for it. However, it is not so easy to do so as you will have to work really hard for it.

You will need some leather material for which you will have to spend some money. Besides, you will also have to cut the leather carefully with the help of scissors in order to make your seats. If you are planning to make leather seats for your car, you can take help from this article.


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    First of all, you have to remove the current seats of your car. You have to remove the seats carefully so that they may not get impaired (you can use them afterwards if you need). After removing the seat, you have to remove the material which is on the seat. You can start with the seam ripper which you can buy from a local sewing store. Cut the threads which are holding the material by the help of seam ripper. It will take some time, but try to get the material off from the seat in one piece so that you can use it for your car’s new leather seats.

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    After removing the material, you have to open the side seams in order to have a large amount of material which you can use for your new leather seat. Now, put the material on the top of the leather, inside down. Then, pin the material to the leather or trace its pattern. To cut the leather smoothly, you need to have a pair of sharp scissors.

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    You have to cut the pattern of your old seat to form the leather covering. You have to be very careful while cutting the pattern as any wrong cut will spoil the leather which is very expensive to buy.

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    After cutting the leather in the required shape, you need to have a heavy-duty thread and sewing machine in order to sew the covering. Make sure that you sew the leather seats well so as to avoid any kind of inconvenience afterwards.

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    After making the leather covers, it is very important to put them on the seats in a right way. If the covers will not put in the right way, it may get torn out by putting uneven weight on it.

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