How To Find Auto Recalls

Manufacturers may recall their vehicles if they learn of a defect or safety issue that needs to be resolved. It is important to remain informed about a possible recall by the manufacturer of your vehicle, as it will keep you safe and not have you spend a hefty amount of money on getting some mechanical problem fixed.


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    You may be able to get an idea about auto recalls by logging on to an auto website. Some companies such as Motor Trend have current listing of auto recalls on their website, thus making it extremely convenient for car owners to know if their vehicle has been recalled by the manufacturer.

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    Get in touch with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to find out about the current auto recalls. The organisation is responsible for conducting defect investigations as well as administering safety recalls with the intended motivation of making the nation’s highways safer. In case NHTSA finds a possible defect in vehicle it orders its manufacturer to recall and repair the vehicle. This central role in the whole auto recalling process is what makes it the organisation to contact to know of an auto recall.

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    One of the most convenient way to inquire about a possible recall affecting your vehicle is by giving the customer service department of your vehicle’s manufacturer a call. Getting in touch with the customer service department directly will also allow you to discuss some issue that you may be experiencing with your vehicle.

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    Manufacturers inform the vehicle owners of a recall by sending them a postcard, which explains the reason for recall in detail. The postcard also guides the vehicle owner on how to get his vehicle repaired/fixed. The manufacturer determines the name and address of the vehicle owner by consulting the files in its record. Therefore, you may not have to worry about contacting the manufacturer yourself.

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    If you suspect that your vehicle may have been recalled, take it to a dealer’s service department and get its identification number checked against their records. Sometimes, a defect is found in small number of calls or in a particular model. It is therefore recommended to get it confirmed by a service department whether your vehicle has been recalled by the manufacturer.

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