How to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

Often you hear about car theft, and how it took a thief just a couple minutes to complete the job.  With the reporting numbers increasing each day, it is necessary that you take measures which ensure that your car remains in your possession until you decide to sell it on your own terms.


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    Know where your car keys are

    While this may sound strange, most cars get stolen because the driver left the car keys in the ignition. Everyone has forgotten keys in the car at least once; however, on an unlucky day, this could cost you your car. If you are prone to forget, then buy a good key chain and hook it to your belt or jeans.

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    Park your car in a safe area

    Most people will also neglect this fact whenever going out for shopping or coming back home after work. Park your car in an area where security guards or parking attendants are present. Moreover, use the garage rather than your home driveway as thieves prefer cars on the street.

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    Lock all doors and windows

    Even though you just stopped for a minute, it is important that you lock all your doors. Check if all windows are completely rolled up as even a slight gap is enough for skilled thieves. It is reported that almost fifty percent cars are stolen due to unlocked doors.

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    Install an alarm

    Installing a security alarm system is the best option to keep thieves at bay. The system usually comes with new cars where online tracking enables users to track the car or even disable the electronic system. The service can be obtainable by subscribing to an OnStar or BMW Assist.

    However, for used cars, you may need to install these add-ons by paying a certain fee. If you decide to avail the security service, place an alarm sticker sign on the back window, which will surely make the thief think twice.

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    Never leave your valuables

    If you have left your valuables inside the car, it is likely that a thief may explore options to break into it. He/She will most certainly try to take something valuable even if not your car.

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    Call the police

    If you have become an unfortunate victim of car theft, immediately call the police and report the incident. Chances are remote but you may still end up getting your car back.

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