How to Remove Musty Basement Smell

Basements usually do not have any ventilation which is the reason for a strong musty smell in the area. These areas are one of the least used places in the house and this is the main reason that it gets comparatively little attention. There can be leakages in pipes and wall cracks because of the moisture as there is no proper cross ventilation in the basement. You need to clean and repair the place frequently to make sure there are no problems.

Things required:

– Detergent
– Bucket
– Mop
– Air freshener
– Sponges


  • 1

    Find the source of the smell

    First, you need to find the source of the smell in the basement. You must perform a thorough inspection of the area and check what could be the source of the problem. Generally, a musty smell is caused by humidity in the area, leaking pipes or any cracks in the walls of the basement.

  • 2

    Clean the place nicely

    Remove everything from the area and clean the place nicely. You can add a detergent in a bucket and use a mop to clean the floors. This may take some time but getting rid of the dirt is extremely important.

  • 3

    Make repairs if needed

    The next thing you need to do is to get all the walls repaired and any leaked pipes fixed. You can clean the place for some time but the smell will remain if the walls and pipes are not fixed.

  • 4

    Find the solution to the problem

    After getting all the repairs done, it is important to find a permanent solution to the problem. One of the commonly found problems in basements is moisture. This problem can be fixed by getting proper ventilation in the area. Cross ventilation is crucial to solve the issue and installing an exhaust fan will help your cause.

  • 5

    Freshen up the place

    You can use an air freshener in the end to freshen up the atmosphere in the basement. Open the doors of the place to ensure proper ventilation for some time. Do not use too much air freshener as that can be harmful.

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