How to Start a Chess Club in High School

Most of the times schools have clubs for those students who are interested in athletics or literary activities but they do not provide any opportunity to those who are not particularly athletes, debaters or writers.

Establishing a chess club is a brilliant idea to engage those who are not interested in physical activities but they do have talent to play mind-boggling games. These clubs not only refine their planning and managerial skills but they also teach them to control their nerves.

Though, it can be an uphill task to start a chess club in high school but you can do it by taking care of couple of important things. Trust me, with an accurate strategy you can make your club successful.


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    First of all you should conduct a survey in the school. This will help you to determine whether students are interested to challenge their minds or not. Do not talk down the importance of this survey as it is also an indirect publicity of your club even before it is established. Do come up with a unique name of your club.

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    Sometimes, you need a permission letter from your school to start a club so you should gather information from the administration office. If it is necessary then get a form and fill it out. Do attach all the necessary documents. You may ask clerical staff or your teachers to help you in filling out.

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    After going through this paperwork, invite your close friends to join the club and then mobilise others around you. However, you should be vigilant as more people in the club mean more differences and clashes. It is better to set criteria for membership of this club.

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    You may find yourself in a situation when not too many students are interested to join the club. In this case, you should start advertising your club. There may be some students who want to be at the chess table but they don’t know how to play. You should offer them to walk in the club and learn.

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    Do notify all the students about your club by pasting hand written notices in the common room, cafe or playing area. Make an attractive logo and motto of your club.

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    Now, when you have attracted people, you should establish a governing body to run your club. Ask the members to formulate the panel which will comprise a president, vice president, general secretary, finance secretary and information secretary etc.

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    Now you are good to go so plan activities of your club and be consistent throughout the year.

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