How to Join a Military Book Club

No matter you are ex-military or just a regular researcher, joining a military book club can be really helpful if you are looking for a source of military knowledge and history. Though, these sorts of book clubs also keep other books but their speciality is literature about men in battle, the leaders, war history and the weapons.

The additional benefit is that you can save a significant amount of money by joining these book clubs. You can find a vast collection of military books under one roof. However, you must undergo a process while joining such book clubs.


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    Know your needs:

    First and foremost thing to do is to know your needs. Ask yourself why you are joining this military book club. Are you joining this club just to meet new people and make contacts? What you want to get out of the military book club? Knowing your requirements can be really helpful in selecting a book club.

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    Find a club:

    The next thing you will do is to find a book club that meets your requirements. Though, many military book clubs have their official pages on the internet but you can get a complete list of such clubs from a bookstore. Look for the clubs that are not too far from your place, get their contact numbers and call the organisers for information. Ask them if there is any registration fee. You may request them for an introductory sitting.

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    Find out what they are reading:

    You should buy the club’s current book and start reading. Make sure that you finish the book before their next meeting. If any bookstore is sponsoring the club then you can get a special discount on the books. Mostly, the clubs meet once in a month so you should buy a book well ahead of time and read it thoroughly.

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    Talk to the group moderator:

    You must understand the overall approach of the club members and the group moderator can guide you in this. Sometimes, club members join the group for serious and knowledgeable discussion whereas some group members just use this as an opportunity to make contacts. That is why, it’s really important to have a meeting with the organiser before joining the club.

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    Join the military book club:

    After getting a complete idea about the club, it’s the right time to get registered. Follow the procedure and get ready for the first meeting.

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