How to Quit Swinging a Golf Club Over the Top

If you have ever been to a golf club, you must have heard the phrase ‘over the top.’ It may sound surprising, but you will a number of different responses when you ask golfers in the course about the meaning of the phrase. In simple words, a golf club is swung ‘over the top’ when a golfer swings his golf club from outside in – across his own body. Shots resulting from an’ over the top’ golf club swing can be really awkward and can end up in the most ridiculous places in the golf course.


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    The first step towards quitting swinging a golf club over the top is to understand the proper way of striking the golf ball with a club head. In golf shots where a club head makes contact with the golf ball square face, a pull is produced. In case of closed face contact between the club head and the golf ball, a pull hook, more commonly referred to as the quacking duck, is produced. Furthermore, in case of open face contact between the club head and the golf ball, a big slice, more commonly referred to as the veritable banana will be produced.

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    You will also have to realise the fact that best golf swings ‘come from the inside.’ Golf swings are best executed when the club moves in a slightly inside out path. Moreover, the contact between the golf head and the ball should be square face for a perfect swing.

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    While swinging a golf club, outcome of the downswing is directly influenced by the backswing – if the club follows a path which is moving a little away from the golfer’s body and not around it, the only possible option for the golfer to avoid swinging the club ‘over the top’ is to simply bring down the club.

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    The best way to avoid swinging a golf club over the top is to eliminate the cause of the problem. In most cases, you will just need to add or modify a single manoeuvre to fix the problem.

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    Realise the fact that the one and only solution to swinging a golf club over the top is to practice and eventually develop a fundamentally sound swing. You can describe a fundamentally sound swing as a swing in which a downswing is promoted by a backswing; with the downswing directed inside out to a very moderate level.

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    Contact a professional golfer and ask for tips. This helps a great deal because it is easier to understand the words from the mouth of a professional than reading the same tips in words.

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