How to Start Your Own Travel Club

The basic purpose of travel clubs is to share experiences, gather information about the places and find ways to save money while travelling. Mostly, it is believed that starting a travel club requires significant amount of money and lots of funds but it is completely a wrong notion.

You can start your own travel club by inviting your friends and family members, who are frequent travellers, to share their experiences with others. All you need to do is to find a place where you can have a meeting. As for as the expenses concern, you can distribute that financial burden to every member of the club.


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    First of all you will have to do little bit research. Look for the people around you who enjoy travelling and exploring new destinations. Your first step should be to make a list of those people and contact them.

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    Explain the objectives and benefits of this club to your potential members and persuade them to join hands. Request them to refer at least one person from their social circle. This will help you to recruit more and more members. However, you should be careful about the number of people as it may cause conflicts.

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    After getting a decent number of people, arrange the first meeting of your club and assign responsibilities. There must be a moderator to supervise everything, a vice president to take care of things in the absence of president and secretaries to handle different matters.

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    You should plan an agenda of the meeting well in advance. Notify all of your members in case of any change in the plan. Meetings can be held anywhere like in coffee shops, stores or even inside the house.

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    You may invite professionals in these meetings and request them to speak. This will bring diversity in the plans and you will be able to suggest new and interesting places.

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    After a couple of meetings, you will shortlist few destinations and plan a trip. Do not impose your likes and dislikes rather ask everyone individually. You can decide through voting. However, make sure that the budget of this trip should be affordable for every member.

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    Organise different competitions in the meetings otherwise people will lose interest due to monotony. For example, you can spread a map on the table and challenge them to find the place or there can be a competition who packs the case first. This will not only keep them engaged but they will also learn useful things.

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    Keep them motivated to keep your club alive. Arrange long and short trips with group members.

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