How to Start a Music Booster Club

Research has shown that is extremely costly to run school bands. Equipment, outfits and transportation must be provided to run a school band successfully. Schools and colleges and the parents sometimes cannot afford the cost attached to it and the project results in disaster. Starting a music booster club and running it successfully can be achieved if parents are dedicated and caring. Bandleaders can also play a key role by promoting the booster club while socialising.


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    Firstly, you should consider sending notices home. The purpose of these notices will be to announce a public meeting on behalf of all band members. Prepare surveys for people who would like to become a member. Consult about the areas with which the booster would like to help. Ask if they have experience with fundraising activities.

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    Choose a moderator for the conference to keep conversation under control and on target. As we all know time is valuable and it should be used up wisely to maximise the output levels. You should also consider hiring one person to make notes for this preliminary meeting.

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    Discuss the practicality of certain tasks the team could perform for the first fundraising activity. It will be a good idea to announce a date for the second conference immediately after the end of the first meeting and ask for nominations for officers: chief executive, v. p., treasurer and a personal assistant. A formal voting can be conducted if an official fundraiser is needed.

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    Consider voting on booster club officers as said before. After the voting, the chief executive will supervise the second meeting. Starting discussions and end with a vote for the first fundraising venture you will perform as a team. You must determine what the first financial requirement for the group is.  Before the meeting ends look at ways to raise maximum funds to make this first project a success.

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    Before arranging the third meeting for the band, consider talking to a bank or an officer from a credit union. If possible open an account with the bank. Typically, the chief executive and treasurer are asked to give their names for the bank account and they will be responsible for withdrawing and depositing cash into the bank account.

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    Plan your first fundraising event properly. Sustain accurate information of resources and tasks that you have already paid for. Develop an effective marketing strategy to promote the music booster club and recruit more club members.

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