How to Store Golf Clubs in Garage

Golf clubs can be stored in a garage for a few days, but they will need as much care as they will do in storage at any other place in your house. So make sure you inspect them for a while after every few days to check they are not dampen, catching dust or roughness. If your kids can access the garage easily, make sure you do not let them use the golf clubs. This more important for the kids’ safety than the clubs themselves. Use of heavy golf clubs can inflict a shoulder or arm injury to your kids. So it is highly recommended for safety and security reasons that do not let your kids access garage in any case. You can otherwise land yourself in trouble over compromising health and safety rules.

Since golf clubs need to be stored in a dry and clean place, do not just throw them in the garage to pick again while going to play golf after every few days. Also, you might find trunk of your car safe to keep your golf clubs for a while, but it can be okay if the car is going to be stationary during the time. If the car is going to be in excessive use of your family, it most likely that the golf clubs can develop scratches while hitting each other.

Carefully think of any place in the garage to store you clubs, as a little dampness can damage the clubs.


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    Use Clubs Bag Before Putting in Garage

    It is better if you use the golf clubs bag before leaving them at a safe place in the garage. Make sure the place is dry and clean so that the bag does not catches dampness or fungus etc. You can even think of hanging the bag in a corner if the garage's height is substantial.

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    Car Trunk

    You can leave your golf clubs in the boot or trunk of your car for a couple of days or even more but be assured that the car is going to be stationary during this purpose. This can be the case if the car is only in your use, but in case it is in use of the entire family then do not take risk of leaving the golf clubs in the car trunk. They will hit each other while the car is running on the roads and develop scratches. So think of the possibility again.

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    Inspection and Cleaning

    Wherever or however you store golf clubs in the garage, make sure you inspect them regularly and clean them. The exercise will also allow you to check if the clubs are catching any dampness or damage through other means. If you just leave them at a place for a longer period of time without any inspection it is likely they will develop dampness and start ripping apart at the grip part.

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    Leaving Them Out

    If you suspect chances of catching some dampness at the grip part of golf clubs that you can feel when cleaning, you can leave the clubs out in the sun for a while so that they can get dried, and then store them again. The process is especially recommended if you are storing the clubs for a longer period of time.

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