How to Start a Singles Club

Singles club is a place for singles to meet new people, make friends and socialize with people who have the same interests. These clubs provide a platform to singles for a chance to give a fresh start to their relationships, with a chance to find their lucky one. Joining a club is much different from making one, you need all the necessary details, info and finance about that.


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    Develop the philosophy that you would serve to be the manifesto of the club. Consider your interests and figure out the strategy that you would be putting in effect for the club foundation. Make sure that you get your direction straight in this phase as this would be the basic foundation of your club. Furthermore, the philosophy will also help attracting people of the same interest to your club, hence get you the much needed starting fan-base.

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    Gather the necessary sources required to make your vision a reality. Whether they maybe manpower, financial or expertise required for the development of your club, it's your responsibility to arrange them before hand. Formulate a plan as to how you will secure all the necessary components for your club.

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    Arrange a place for the club meetings and other events as such. You can either choose your place as the meeting point, provided you have the room to manage all the members there. Or rent out a garage or other such place for that particular purpose. You can also ask a friend for help, provided he or she has a large space of an apartment currently not in use. Keep that in mind that a place is necessary to start any club, and therefore, can't be done without it.

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    List down the activities that your club would seek to organize. The list should have activities that fall in accordance with the manifesto of the club. As your club would be specifically highlighting singles only, so come up with activities that single people like to do. Moreover, use your club's activities as a way of promoting friendships among members, providing them an opportunity to socialize with each other.

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    Advertise your club via different mediums. The internet can serve to be a major source for attracting potential members to join your club. Use social networking sites such as facebook and other such mediums to raise awareness regarding your club among the locales. Invite your friends who are single or looking for making constructive use of their spare time.

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