How to Host a Book Club Meeting

A book club is a group of people who share the same interest of book reading. It is a great way of knowledge and thought sharing with each other as each member has a different way of interpreting the same point or subject. So when the group meets it is an opportunity for each member to strike a great conversation around how they think of a subject that has just been read by the entire club.

It can be a cafe, a house or a room in a library where such a club holds its regular meetings, and generally a person who is unanimously elected to lead the club is responsible to organize and manage the meeting and agenda of discussion. Although it takes a bit of effort, it is a great help to arrange and manage meeting of the group and then let the feelings of each member out.

The group sometimes can also organize other activities alongside book discussions, such as going to theatre together, having coffee or tea together, and in addition to discussing topics of a particular book, the group can also indulge into discussion on contemporary general issues.


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    Meeting Place

    Selection of a venue for regular meetings of the book club is the first essential thing to be decided by the members of the group. It can be a room in your local library, home of any member or a coffee shop etc. The place has to be agreed and in access of all members conveniently.

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    Selection of Book

    Generally more than one topics of books are recommended for discussion in the next meeting of the club. The members have to discuss them and choose the one they want to be on the agenda of discussion in the next meeting. The book has to be agreed upon by the entire group.

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    Invitations to Members

    If the club has decided to hold next meeting after about a month, you should send an invitation with details of time and venue for meeting at least ten days before it. Ideally you should send another reminder abut a couple of days before the meeting.

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    Remind Agenda of Discussion

    In the invitation for meeting of the club, you should remind them about the topic of discussion and how much it had been decided to be read by each member. It will be a waste of effort if any member of the club turns up without reading anything.

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    If you have been given the responsibility for leading the discussion, you can give an opening to the discussion and then invite each member turn by turn to share their thought. Each member should be given time to speak about the subject.

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    If you are hosting the club meeting at your place, you should arrange for some refreshments i.e. light sandwiches and tea or coffee for the club members. If the meeting is taking place at a cafe or restaurant you can order them at the place.

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