How to Stock a Bar for a Wedding

Food and drinks are one of the most important parts of a wedding reception. According to recent studies, people reserve 50 percent of their wedding budget just for the reception, and the cost of food and drinks is always a major part of this budget.

However, in order to avoid such lavish spending on food and drink alone, people have found ways to cut down on this cost, and one way to do so is to plan the wedding at a venue where you can setup your own bar and manage everything privately. There is no doubt in the fact that it saves a lot of money, but it doubles the effort as well. However, you can minimise both the effort and bar expenses by following a few simple tips.


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    Know your requirements:

    Your first step should be to determine the quantity of alcohol you need for your wedding reception bar. The best way is to check the number of guests and then order alcohol according to the size of the gathering. Experts believe that five to six cases of beer, five to six cases of red and white wine, and one liter of whiskey or gin are always enough for a group of 100 people. However, you can adjust the amount according to your requirements.

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    Decide the type of bar:

    Now, when you have determined the amount of liquor, it’s time to decide what type of bar you want to setup. Mostly, an open bar has beer, wine and liquor whereas the limited bar only includes beer and wine. You also have the choice to offer a signature cocktail to your guests. Consult some experts and they will definitely give you valid suggestions about the bar. Decide the type of bar while keeping your budget and the number of guests in mind.

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    Buy alcohol wisely:

    Your next step should be to buy the alcohol. Do not rely on single source - rather, visit multiple liquor stores and compare their prices. Do not forget to ask for discounts while purchasing in bulk. You may ask your friends or family members to help you in this exercise.

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    Keep liquor bottles chilled:

    Do not forget to store liquor bottles in cold storage as this is necessary to keep them chilled before serving.

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    Decorate the bar:

    Now you should prepare the place by arranging all the bar ware properly. You must decorate the bar to make it more attractive and create a proper ambiance. Make sure that bottles and bar ware are easy to access for bar tenders.

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