How to Start a Movie Club for Kids

A movie club can be a great tactic for getting kids together for fun, entertainment, and food, followed by a small discussion session. Unlike its counterpart for adults, a movie club for kids will require some supervision, most probably from one of the children’s parents. Ideally, an adult should be in charge of supervising the club, and making it an enjoyable experience for the kids.


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    Start by combining a group of children to form a club. Ideally these should be kids who are familiar with each other and linked in some way or another – they may be friends, class fellows, or kids that live in the same neighbourhood, etc. Once the movie club gets going, children can bring along other friends, introduce them into the club, and expand the membership.

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    After the kids in the movie club have been confirmed, it is time to help them decide when and how often their club will meet. Meetings for movie clubs are generally held on a monthly basis, but once a week is also doable. Set the timings depending on the schedules of the kids – take into account school timings, any extra lessons any of the kids might take, etc.

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    Then, select the venue. The meetings will need to be held in a place where there is a large television, and plenty of seating space, so anyone whose house fits the bill, and who is willing to play host, can agree to serve as the venue. You can also rotate the venue, and have meetings at different club members’ houses every time – this will give everyone a chance to play host.

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    Once the meeting dates, timings, and venue have been decided upon, it is time to choose a movie for the first meeting. Ideally, this should be a movie none of the kids have seen before, and one that is sure to get the club off to an exciting and promising start. It is alright to slip educational material in every now and then, but do not start with this, and do not do it too often – remember, a movie club is usually for entertainment purposes.

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    Getting the movie should be a task that is delegated to a different member each time. Movie rental services such as Netflix can be used for these purposes, or they can visit their local video store with an adult, to pick up the selection for the next meeting.

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    During the meeting, as the kids watch the movie, be sure to serve plenty of snacks. Popcorn, chips, and soda are safe bets, but you can also opt for more adventurous choices, and serve food in accordance with the movie theme. For example, while watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, serve the kids some chocolate candy.

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    Finally, once the movie is over, have a brief discussion session, during which kids can talk about their favourite parts and characters, or discuss any criticism they might have. You can also encourage creative thinking by asking them to suggest alternate endings. Lastly, be sure to decide on the movie and venue for the next meeting before breaking it up.

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