How to Release the Golf Club

Learning how to release the golf club is important if you want an edge. Perfect execution during the swing is vital but unfortunately it is often misunderstood. The players must perfect this art to have any chance of competing at the international or domestic level. Failure of execution takes place when the golfer allows his wrists to break down to get more height and distance. Sometimes, the golfer may also release his wrists all together. This is not the right way to release the gold club. It is recommended to follow some simple instructions to perform this task to perfection.


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    Before doing anything else, you will need to make sure if you have what it takes to master the art of releasing the golf club. Practice makes perfect and you will be required to practice day and night to learn the perfect swing of the club. It is advised to use a short club in the beginning to develop a feeling for what a proper release of the golf club is. Practice without the ball if possible as this will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

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    Always swing the club by moving your arms and chest from hip high on the forward swing to hip high on the backswing. This should be done while maintaining around 25 percent swing speed. Use an iron and your natural grip on the club to achieve best results. Let your arms and chest do the work for you. Do not put in extra effort or force anything, allowing your muscles to move naturally.

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    It is recommend when  hands reach hip high stop once while  making a backswing. Also, make sure the club is parallel to the ground for improved momentum. Furthermore, the toe of the club should be pointing towards the sky and your wrist should be cocked properly.

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    Do not for forget to execute the downswing as you create lag by keeping your wrists in place. Make sure the lag is still in tack when you move your hands and arms where the ball is positioned. Allow the wrist to uncock just before the time of release of the golf club. Square the club face by rolling your right forearm over the left at the time of impact.

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