How to Teach Organizational Skills to a Teenager

Teenagers are often seen performing various activities during the course of the day, but struggling to manage them properly. It is important to teach them organizational skills to them so that they do neither ignore important tasks such as homework, nor run out of time to do recreational activities such as playing soccer, etc.

Teaching a teenager organizational skills is not at all tough, though it will require some solid commitment on your end.


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    Get a study table with sufficient space and at least one drawer for the teenager. Either place the table in the study room, or if your house does not have a study room, then place it in the teenager’s room so that he not only has an easy access to it, but also do not experience any unnecessary disturbance during his study session.

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    Make the teenager understand the importance of organizing space and teach him how to do that. With the table placed in the teenager’s room, encourage him to place stationary such as sharpened pencils, rubber, sharpener, pens, markers, ruler, etc. on the table in an organized way. Any other school-related supplies need to be arranged neatly on the table or close to it.

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    To help the teenager remember and manage and complete the different school assignments in a timely manner, make a file for the specific purpose of recording the assignment to be done and the time by which it is to be submitted. Place this file on the table so that it should be clearly visible, or use the drawer on the study table to keep it. Encourage the teenager to open the file everyday to make it a habit and also not forget to do anything that needs to be done.

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    Teenagers often tend to waste time without even noticing. To stay organized, the teenager needs to manage time efficiently. There may be a number of activities that need to be done during the course of the day, such as completing homework, playing soccer, etc. Spending too much time on one activity will result in the teenager not having enough to conveniently do the other activities. Therefore, tell him to make a proper schedule for the week and stick to it.

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    Share the importance of giving priority to certain tasks and not getting distracted. Some tasks are more important than others. Completing a school assignment is more important that going over to a friend’s house to play his new Wii U. If the teenager really wants to go over to his friend’s house to try out his new gaming console or text him, tell him to get started with his assignment earlier.

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