The Signature and State Seal Process of Brazillian Adoption

The North Atlantic Ocean on the eastern coast of Brazil, and the countries of Suriname and Uruguay in the south, make the country of Brazil seem mysterious and inviting to the visitor of this South American country. If you want to adopt a baby or child in an international adoption from this beautiful country, you’ll find adopting from Brazil can be a little bit lengthy. Don’t be discouraged though; there are plenty of adoption resources on the Internet, and within the government that you can use to find out about the processing of paperwork for an international adoption with the method of chain authentication.

In a foreign adoption from Brazil you’ll work with the CEJAS (State Judiciary Commissions of Adoption). There are individual districts for different areas of Brazil, and they must follow the guidelines set up by the government, as you must too. In an international adoption from Brazil, it is best to work within a list of pre approved lawyers in the country of Brazil. You can find a list of approved agencies from the U.S. Embassy in Brazil by writing:

U. S. Embassy Consulate
U. S. Consulate General
Avenida Presidente Wilson, 147, Castelo
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil, 2003-020

When you consider using an adoption agency from the U.S. make sure to go to the Internet to verify their credentials, and to investigate any complaints about the adoption agency at,

If you want to use a lawyer from the country of Brazil for your adoption process, you can write to the same address, and obtain their adoption list of lawyers that is approved by the CEJA of each district. This list will contain addresses and phone numbers for adopting a child from Brazil. In the country of Brazil in an international adoption, you may use a facilitator, or an adoption agency. An adoption facilitator is one that is not connected with the CEJA, and is not a licensed social worker. Often they are known to be baby brokers, and they have unscrupulous and questionable tactics in the adoption process. You can read information at the website of the U. S. State Department about warnings set out about the adoption dangers of using an adoption facilitator at The Internet website publication is entitled, Important Notice Regarding Adoption Agents and Facilitators.

It is extremely important to understand the adoption fact that in the country of Brazil, you will have to provide proof that each document you submit in the adoption process that it has verification of documentation. You must have testament of all the original documents by obtaining verification of seals and signatures with all of the required application adoption forms. Listed below you’ll find the types of documents that you’ll need, and where to obtain testament for these documents in a Brazil adoption.

� Civil Records for Perspective Adoptive Parents. Birth, marriage and divorce records fall into this category. You may go online to and look to find where you may obtain your necessary state seal of verification for signatures and seals under the notary public division.

âÂ?¢ State Court Documentation and Records. Any litigation or state actions will need to be documented by you too in the state that it occurred in. The Clerk of Court will have document and certify all original signatures by a judge, and then it will have to be forwarded to the appropriate state secretary’s office for verification of the state seal. The same Internet website at has links directly to each individual state, along with U.S. territories, and can be clicked on through the U. S. map.

âÂ?¢ Federal Documentation and Records. Necessary for the adoption of a Brazilian child, is the visa immigration for permanency in the U. S. There are other federal documents too, such as your federal income tax verifications that will have to be obtained from this agency. You’ll need to obtain the necessary seal first from the respective agencies, and then forward all seals and the U. S. Department of State Authentications Office at:

Authentications Office (A/OPR/GSM/AUTH)
518 23RD St., N.W.
State Annex 1
Washington, D. C. 20520
Phone: 1(202) 647-5002

âÂ?¢ U. S. State Department Records. Documents held at the U. S. State Department include, but aren’t limited to, international births or deaths abroad for a U. S. citizen, and passport records and applications for them. Go online to to find useful information. There are some application and copy fees to obtain the documents. You’ll also need to have your notary public affix their stamp for any request of these documents from the State Department Records.

It’s true that adopting a baby or child in an international adoption, as compared with a domestic U.S. adoption, is detailed and lengthy because of the Brazilian requirements of seals and signatures, but the different adoption resources on the Internet will help you with then entire process of adoption from Brazil.

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