How to Use Peat Moss in Filter

Peat moss is made from sphagnum bogs. It is a great way of humus for your garden. It has a low nutritional value but it can store soil nutrients. In addition to this, it maintains the pH of soil and can be used as an additive in compost piles, eventually speeding this process.

The peat moss can also be used for lowering the bills and is good for the environment as well. It is used for filtering waste water which comes from showers, kitchen sinks and washing machines, subsequently leading to greener gardens.

Things Required:

– 2 garden hoses
– Soaker hose
– Scissors
– Gravel
– Cement block
– 2 water heater straps
– Drill
– 3 cubic feet of peat moss
– 36 by 36 piece of window screening
– Plastic barrel with lid
– 4 white t-shirts
– 1 threaded elbow joint


  • 1

    Drill a hole

    First of all you need to drill a hole on the side of a barrel. It should be around four inches from the bottom. Then you need to place the spigot into the hole with its threaded end in front. Remember to remove the lid before you drill.

  • 2


    Next you need to make a solid base with help of cement blocks. Place the cement blocks in a way so the barrel can stand on it. Secure the barrel with water heater straps against the wall.

  • 3


    You need to add gravel into the barrel. Fill the barrel with gravel around eight inches deep. Then place two t-shirts on the gravel. Remember to cover all the gravel.

  • 4

    Add peat moss

    Next you need to pour peat moss. It should be around six inches deep. Place the remaining two t-shirts on the peat moss and make sure it has covered it entirely.

  • 5

    Cut the window screen

    After adding peat moss, you need to cut the window screen which should be slightly bigger than the parameter of the barrel. Press the window screen on the t-shirts lying above peat moss.

  • 6

    Place the lid back

    First remove the cap on the lid and then screw a pipe to it. Attach an elbow onto the pipe with the help of a screw and then place the lid back on barrel.

  • 7

    Attach garden hose

    In the end you need to attach garden hose to the threaded pipe and run it through window inside your house. Then attach the second garden hose to the spigot and run it towards the soaker hose in the garden.

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