How to Install Tin Crown Moulding

Have you ever thought of having a tin ceiling, which gives a royal look to your room? You might be wondering if its expensive, especially on the installation, so it is better to go with a simpler look. However, the reality is completely different than you think, as installing the tin crown moulding is not complex at all and its cheap. It is so easy that you can do it yourself. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to give a unique look to your room.

You just have to make a few calculations, as that will help you complete the task without making any errors. Nothing seems to be difficult these days, especially with the availability of user friendly tools. Moreover, there are guidelines written in a manual alongside each tool, so you can easily make the most of it.

If you don’t have any experience of installing such things on your wall or ceiling, you still don’t have to worry. You can involve a couple of family members, so that the burden can be shared equally. Furthermore, it is ideal to do a bit of testing before you actually start the process of installing the tin crown moulding.


  • 1

    Make sure you have the right tools

    First of all, you have to look for the right tools to start the installation. This is very important, so search the market for all the accessories. You will not have to look for any additional stuff and most of the things, such as hammer, drill machine and nails, will be available at your home.

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    Determine the size of your crown

    An ideal size of the tin crown will be four inches, as it will fit the ceiling perfectly. However, you can choose any size available.

  • 3

    Remove the older crown

    If there are any older crowns attached to the ceiling, make sure that you have removed them with care. They can damage the ceiling, if you try to force them off, so be gentle while going through this process.

  • 4

    Put marks on the ceiling

    Other than installing the crowns directly, mark the wall in order to make the process simpler. This will consume very little time, but will save you a lot of trouble.

  • 5

    Place the crowns on the marks

    Now, place the crowns on the marks and nail them until they are fully fitted. Your wall and ceiling will now look perfect.

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