List of Best Steakhouse in London

The city of London is not well known for its steaks but the chefs of the British capital have not let that stop them from creating restaurants and venues that serve some of the best meals in the United Kingdom. Currently, the city has hundreds of steakhouses that serve prime beef cuts that are aged and cooked to perfection. Every restaurant has its own unique twist to the popular dish and steak connoisseurs will find that visiting different locations is the right way to find the best steakhouse in London. Customers will also find that the variety of steaks available in London steak restaurants is incredibly large and diverse. Menus include rib eye, strip sirloin, T bone, New York strip steak, minute steak and others.


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    Smiths of Smithfield has some great tasting meat dishes including chicken, fish, pork and beef. The steaks are exceptional and fresh because of the restaurant's location in London's meat market. This four floor venue is well made and is a popular spot for lunch and dinner.

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    Goodman brings New York steak house to the British capital and does a mighty fine job. The prime cuts of beef are taken from animals that are fed only grain and then hand carved to create exceptional steaks. This process has given the steakhouse an award winning reputation and a fan following that is one of the biggest in London.

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    Hawksmoor Spitalfields puts a British twist on the steak by using the best meats available in the United Kingdom. The venue also has a cocktail bar that serves a delicious variety of drinks to complement the amazing steaks. The restaurant has several locations and has won awards for the prime beef that it serves.

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    JW Steakhouse is a branch of Johnny Walker, the American whiskey makers. The restaurant serves their famous liquor along with prime American steaks that have bean aged to perfection. The combination has been a hit with customers and many consider the venue to be the best steakhouse in London.  

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    Sophie's Steakhouse & Bar is located in London's celebrated theater district of Covent Garden. The venue does not take bookings and is usually very busy with clients looking for a family friendly steakhouse before or after a show. The restaurant stays open for lunch and dinner, with brunch available on the weekends.  

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    Gaucho Grill is a multiple location restaurant that has locations all over the world. The Argentinian menu is considered one of the best in London. The steaks available on the menu are all Argentinean specialities and give customers a chance to try something different from regular steakhouses.

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    Angus Steak House is named after the world famous Angus beef available at the West End restaurant. The steakhouse offers other dishes along with its famous steak and has been serving prime cuts of beef to Londoners for over 50 years. Today, the venue is considered a landmark and candidly continues the legacy of its predecessors.

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    The Palm Restaurant is the London branch of the famous restaurant from New York. The original menu of the venue did not serve steak but a tradition states the owner of the venue used to run over to a nearby butcher shop to purchase steak when ever a guest ordered it. Eventually the item became a regular on the menu along with the caricatures on the walls of the restaurant.

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    Marco Pierre White Steak & Alehouse is a traditional steakhouse that serves beef cooked in an authentic style. The menu includes numerous variations of the steak using many different cuts of meat. The drinks menu is also extensive and gives diners a chance to try different types of drinks with the food.

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    The Bountiful Cow is actually a public house that specializes in beef. The well made steaks are served with different ales at very reasonable prices. The popular location has a laid back atmosphere and is a great place to enjoy food and drinks with friends and family.

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    El Gaucho Argentine Steakhouse is another Argentinian inspired steakhouse located in Chelsea Farmers market and Kensington. The venue is insired by the word Gaucho, which is a term used to describe rough individuals who raised cattle on the grassland of the South American country. The restaurant serves other things, including good wines and drinks.

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    Popeseye Steak House takes the idea of the steakhouse and distills it to its simplest form by serving great steak with red wine. The meat comes from a butcher in Scotland that has been used by the family-owned venue for a long time. Interestingly, this small bistro is not overly priced and has great meals at great prices.

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    Buen Ayre is a well known Argentinian restaurant that serves amazing steaks and other dishes. The interesting venue also hosts art shows which attract many people including celebrities from around the world. The chef John Patrick Rattagan cooks the meat to perfection and has customers coming back for more.

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    Black and Blue is a chain of steakhouses in London that have built a good reputation with residents and visitors. The great atmosphere of the venue and extensive wine list complement the prime cuts of beefs that are served all day. The venue also serves burgers, making it a great choice for beef lovers.

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    Barbecoa is owned and operated by a famed British cook Jamie Oliver. The restaurant serves freshly prepared steaks using superior quality ingredients available in Britain. The venue is a heaven for meat dishes and has a butchery attached. Barbecoa also offers take away dishes for busy clients who want to eat on their desks.

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    Rodizio Preto is a Brazilian restaurant that serves the best grilled meats from south America in London. The menu is bursting with mouth watering meat dishes including steak. The waiters serve the beef on skewers and go from table to table cutting off pieces for customers.

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    Le Relais De Venise L'Entrecote is a French restaurant that serves decadent cuisine made by their excellent chefs. One of the dishes that is very popular is the steak and fires. Cooked to perfection, the steak and chips brings in a lot of customers looking for authentic French cooking.

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    Steak Exchange is a gourmet steak restaurant that takes its beef seriously. The prime meats are derived from animals that are naturally raised and fed grass. The meat is then aged for 28 days before being grilled and served to the customers.

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    Redhook is venue that serves both seafood and steak. The oyster and cocktail bars are very popular but the tempting steaks cooked on an open fire are also very delicious. The restaurant is located in Farringdon and is open 6 days a week. 

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    Greig's Grill this English restaurant has made a name for itself because of its classic English cuisine and delicious steaks. The location also has a traditional butcher, making the meat fresh and sumptuous.

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