Metropolitan Tube Line in London

Metropolitan Tube Line has its route from Aldgate to Chesham . The total distance covered by the line is 41 miles. Metropolitan line includes the first underground railways in the world. The line ranks as 9th busiest stations of London. Trains here in this line run at an average speed of 50/60 mph which means that these trains are fastest in comparison with the other lines. The line was opened and named in 1863 and the official color of this line is Magenta. Out of the total 34 stations served by this line only 9 are underground, rest are all open air stations. Below is a step by step guide to Metropolitan Tube Line of London Underground.metropolitan line map


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    History of Metropolitan Tube Line in London:

    The Metropolitan Tube Station and Metropolitan Tube Line in London were named after Metropolitan Railway, which was the world’s first underground railway service. 1863 was the year when this line was named, and it started operating the same year. The stations here on the line have been undergoing some changes ever since its existence, including the addition  of new stations and branches to the previous line. In 1905 the trains and tubes here on the Metropolitan Line were converted into electrical engines. 1936 was the year when Metropolitan Line was extended towards District Line. In recent past i.e in February 2012 the racks for luggage were introduced in the line.

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    Underground Stations on Metropolitan Tube Line in London:

    Only 9 underground stations are on this tube line out of the total of 34 stations and most of the trains here run underground. The 9 Underground Stations on Metropolitan Tube Line are listed below

    Liverpool Street
    King's Cross St. Pancras
    Euston Square
    Great Portland Street
    Baker Street

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    Overground Stations on Metropolitan Tube Line in London: 25 of the Over ground Stations on Metropolitan Tube Line are mentioned below.

    Finchley Road
    Wembley Park
    Preston Road
    Northwick Park
    West Harrow
    Rayners Lane
    Ruislip Manor
    North Harrow
    Northwood Hills
    Moor Park
    Chalfont & Latimer

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    First & Last Train on Metropolitan Tube Line:

    The Metropolitan Tube Line has got the busiest stations in London Underground. Its trains run on a very fast speed in comparison with other lines of London underground. apart from this thousands of travelers travel daily from these lines. In order to facilitate the travelers, commuters and tourists here is a link to official timetable of Metropolitan Tube Line.

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