Parenting Tips for Young Adults

Young adults often find it hard to stay focused in managing their own finances, but it is something that they have to go through and get used to because in the longer run, the benefits are all theirs. There is no denying the fact that most parents see no harm in providing their adult children with financial support every now and then. However, it is also important that our children understand that they have to financially responsible and that they should be able to sustain themselves.


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    Talk to Your Children

    This is probably the first thing you should do to know if your child is experiencing financial burdens or not. This should give you an idea on where to start and on what areas you can help your child with. Some children are reluctant to the support or help that their parents are offering, but they usually don’t understand that they are in dire need of it.  Explain to them that you understand their situation and that you are willing to help them out this once.

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    Teach Them about Money Saving

    A lot of young adults stay with their parents even after they graduate. To teach them a thing or two about budgeting for household expenses, talk them into contributing for the rent, grocery bills or for the utility bills. You can even write up an agreement to make it more formal and for them to understand how the documentation process is done. Monitor the payments regularly and make sure that your child commits to his or her financial commitments fully.

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    Encourage Your Child

    Encourage your child to open his or her own credit account. But before you do so, explain to them its importance, the benefits, and the possible consequences if they do not take care of it. Tell them that they should get a copy of credit report and credit score regularly to keep track of their finances. Letting them experience their own freedom when it comes to handling their  money will help them understand things better.

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    Understand the Risk

    If you have agreed to co-sign your kids to a car loan or to a credit account, make sure you understand the risks involved as anything they do will affect your credit, negatively or positively. Again, explain to them that they should take care of their credit even though you co-signed them.

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    Learn Self-independence

    Let them use their credit and then pay for it. They should know that whatever it is that they want, they have to work hard for it. A lot of young adults use their credit card as if it is limitless so make sure you check up on that as well. Tell them to stay below their credit limit at least 30% to give their credit score a boost and to make it easier for them to maintain and pay for their bills.

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