How to Put Your Baby to Sleep

Parenting is a difficult job. Putting a baby to sleep can prove very hard for parents, especially the first time ones. Since babies cannot express their needs, it makes things more complicated for parents to guess what exactly is wrong. There are many things which should be catered for by the parents just on the basis of mere intuition so that the baby can stay calm and take proper sleep, which is very important for his/her healthy development.

Lack of sleep leads to crankiness and exhaustion which can make life tough for parents. However, some parenting techniques are indeed helpful in putting a baby to a peaceful sleep. These techniques come both instinctively and with learning over time.


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    Feed them:

    This is a no brainer. Babies need feeding after every 3-4 hours and that is why they cannot sleep for long continuous hours.

    Parents will have to adjust their sleeping hours according to the feeding time of the baby. This means that a parent of a newborn will have to get up at least twice during average night sleep to feed the baby and lure him/her back to sleep.

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    Proper bath:

    A warm bath gives a soothing feeling to a baby and can be helpful in putting them to sleep. A warm bath is very relaxing for babies; take it slow and let the baby absorb the soothing feeling. After the bath, wrap him/her up in a soft comfortable towel or blanket and dry them up properly. Children tend to sleep soundly after a nice bath.

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    Make the baby comfortable:

    Check the baby’s diaper before putting him/her to sleep. It is good to put on a fresh diaper and apply any ointment or baby powder if needed to soothe them. Like grownups, babies can only go to sleep when they are comfortable. Dress them up for the bed in a pajama set that is neither too cold or warm. The clothes should not be very tight and the fabric should be soft. Tone down the lighting in the room so that the environment is set for a good night sleep. A baby should always be laid down on his/her back, especially during the first year.

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    Set a routine:

    Set a sleeping routine for a newborn and make every effort to adhere to that. Actions like turning on the light dim, putting on soft music, drawing the curtains or singing a soft lullaby can signal bedtime to a baby if the routine is followed religiously.

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