Public & National Holidays in Qatar

Officially known as the State of Qatar, Qatar is a sovereign Arab state that is located in Western Asia. Saudi Arabia is its sole neighbour, as the rest of Qatar’s territory is surrounded by the Persian Gulf.

Before gaining independence from British protectorate in 1971, it was ruled by Al Thani family. Now, this country has become one of the richest states in the region, due to its heavy natural resources, such as gas and oil.

Qatar has a great economic progress, and holds one of world’s highest GDP. Its total population is around 1.9 million, excluding millions of foreign workers.

Qatar’s progressive economy does rely entirely on its natural resources. It is one of the most peaceful states, and therefore the investors from all over the world don’t hesitate to come to Qatar. The country has recently attracted $100 billion worth of investment.

The citizens are enjoying great standard of living. Furthermore, they have true religious and cultural traditions. Besides a few national occasions, there are two major celebrations in Qatar: Ramadan Feast (Eid Al Fitr) and Sacrifice Feast (Eid Al Adha).

The former of the two comes right at the end of Ramadan, also observed as the month of fasting. And, the second Feast comes nearly 70 days after. The dates of these festivals are not fixed though, because they are timed according to the lunar months. Let’s see how many national and public holidays the Qatar nation is likely to enjoy this year.


  • 1

    Holidays in January

    International New Year’s Day

    All across the globe this day is treated as a public holiday.

  • 2

    Holidays in February

    National Sports Day (February 12)

    This day is dedicated to sports.

  • 3

    Holidays in March

    Bank Holiday (March 03)

    All private and public organisations stay closed on this day.

  • 4

    Movable Holidays

    Eid Al Fitr

    This event is celebrated at the end of Ramadan, also known as Fasting month. The citizens of Qatar take 3-4 days off, including the last day of Ramadan.

    Eid al-Adha

    Since, this religious occasion is celebrated as per the Islamic calendar. One can confirm the dates of this event. People usually enjoy 4-5 holidays.

  • 5

    Holidays in September

    Independence Day (September 03)

    On 03 September 1972, Qatar officially gained independence from British rule. And since then, it emerged as an independent sovereign state. The entire nation celebrates this day every year.

  • 6

    Holidays in December

    National Day (December 18)

    Qatar National Day is a commemoration of Qatar’s unification, and is celebrated every year. The state of Qatar was originally found on December 18, 1878.

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