Things to do on Holidays in Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and it is also the largest city by area. Edinburg is considered as one of the most beautiful cities of the world with thousands of visitors travelling there each month. The capital of the Scotland holds significance importance when we talk about history and if you are planning to visit it, you must not forget to do following things in Edinburgh.


  • 1

    Edinburgh's free attractions

    Spend a day exploring Edinburgh and the best ways to do that is to visit all the free attractions of the city. As there are a number of such attractions, don’t forget to hit the road pretty early.

  • 2

    eEdinburgh Gardens

    The Scottish capital has more green space than most of the European cities. There are plenty of eye catching Gardens in the city and if you have enough time, don’t forget to visit those beautiful gardens.

  • 3

    Edinburgh's museums

    The historical importance of the city is phenomenal and no wonder Edinburgh’s museums are the most visited place in summers when tourists travel there. Must see places in Scotland.

  • 4

    East Lothian Beaches

    Edinburgh is famous for the best beaches in Scotland. If you are in the city for pleasure, try not to forget the amazing East Loathian beaches of the capital city.

  • 5

    Edinburgh's art galleries

    There are several art galleries in the city and not to mention free. You can visit those galleries any day in working hours, and you can do it free of cost.


  • 6

    Edinburgh's churches

    Edinburgh have some of the most amazing churches and cathedrals in Europe and they are the most visited places in town. You can see whole of the city from the roof tops of some of those churches.

  • 7

    Tour the Scottish Parliament

    The award-winning Scottish Parliament is open for tourists but you can only visit selected sections. However, even those sections would please you to extent and the best time to visit the place would be in the evening.

  • 8

    Edinburgh Festival Fringe

    If you are in Scotland in the month of August, you are in for a treat. Edinburgh’s annual festival takes place in August and it is guaranteed to be a life time experience.

  • 9

    Climb a volcano in an urban park

    Edinburgh has many dead volcanoes nearby and you can visit them any day. However, you have to travel there in daylight if you want to see most of those volcanoes.

  • 10

    Gilmerton Cove

    The best heritage side in the town and the fact that it has secrets that archaeologist are unable to answer, makes it even more interesting.

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